About this Website

This website is owned and operated by Jon Jaroker for the benefit of his extended family.

The public portion of the website (called the Public Beacons) contain stories about the children and grandchildren of Itzhok Yankiv Schwartz (and those of his generation such as the father of Moses Yaroker).  Stories in the Public Beacons section focus on individuals such as Hana Yaroker, Bassie Atlas, Sarah Landy, Fannie Hofstein, Harry Dubrow and Harry Schwartz and others from this “second” generation.  Stories may also discuss ancestors of this “second” generation, but these are very hard to find.  Stories will not focus the descendants of this “second” generation, unless I am writing about myself or have clear permission from someone else.

The private portion of this website does contain stories about the descendants of this “second” generation and is therefore restricted to specific individuals.  Registration on the findfollow website and approval by a family member are required to access the private websites.