Have Your Own Version of FindFollow

Interested in recording your own family stories and organizing genealogical data? Seeking ways to engage a younger generation in their family’s history? Need to collaborate with family in different regions?

FindFollow allows you to craft multimedia stories in a manner that is meaningful to a younger generation. It is accessible over the Internet and provides public beacons that allow distant family members to discover your site.  It uses open-source software, standards-based technologies and replication schemes to assure your stories persist to the next century.


A fully-featured genealogy database records events and facts about an individual or family and creates logical and easy-to-understand charts.

This assures that all of the information jotted down in different places or kept in one’s memory is preserved and organized for the younger generation.


Recording family events, videos, photos and documents in this private online website allows distant family members in different countries to collaborate in crafting detailed stories.

Sharing and collaboration creates personal satisfaction in learning about one’s history.


Public beacons are sections of the website meant to be indexed by internet search engines to allow unknown distant relatives to find this website and make a connection.

You may discover something new.


This website is based on open source software that anyone can deploy and operate on their own computer.

Stories recorded here are more likely to be preserved than oral histories or personal diaries.

You can purchase your own private version of this website through SOFIns, a patented IT automation and software installation service invented by Jon Jaroker. The software can operate on your own computer or as a hosted service. Contact Jon Jaroker for details.