Bentsion Yaroker

Bentsion Yaroker was born to Zalman and Xaia (Khaya) in 1858 in Kanev Ukraine.

Birth Record

Circumcision by: Rabbi Lomazov and Chaim Sapira.
Date of Birth (see note below): January, 11 (Christian); Shevat, 8 (Jewish).,
Date of Circumcision: January, 18; Shevat, 15.
Parents: Father – Zalman Yaroker from Boguslav; mother – Khaya.
Child: Son (…?) Bentzion
Russian Calendar Date

Jan. 11 1858 (Russian) == Jan. 23, 1858 (Gregorian) == Shevat 8, 5618 (Hebrew)

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Bentsion YAROKER 1858 birth

Bentsion YAROKER 1858 birth

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