Rivka Yarok

Rivka Yarok, daughter of Duvid Yarok, married on October 15, 1857.

Marriage Record

Age: F- 18, M – 26.
Officiated by: Rabbi Lomazov.
Date: October 15, Sheshvan 9
Documents, obligations of newlywed, witnesses: (…?), (for 5 silver rubles?), witnesses Aron (…?) and Mordko Kagarlitsky.
Who was married: resident of Kanev – Elkuna Gershkovich Selsky (or Sivsky?) and Rivka (Gena? Golda?), a daughter of Duvid Yarok; a widower and a maiden.
Russian Calendar Date

Oct. 15, 1857 (Russian) == Oct.27, 1857 (Gregorian) == Sheshvan 9, 5618 (Hebrew)

Source Document

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