FindFollow is a Private Genealogy Website

FindFollow captures family histories into engaging stories. It is a collaborative website that presents stories in a manner that is meaningful to the story teller, family members and future generations. Registration is required to access the private family sites. Public beacons are web pages translated into numerous languages to assist distant relatives in finding this website.

This website is developed and maintained by Jon Jaroker for the benefit of his extended family. It contains …

Genealogical Resources

List of archives, books and technology useful in understanding contexts and researching family histories. Resources →

Tutorials and Support – How May I Help You?Russian State LibraryRussian National LibraryRussian State Historical ArchivePhotography and ImagingDictionaries of NamesFirst-Hand ExperiencesVoter ListsHistorical PhotosSoviet Evacuation to Central AsiaMilitary ArchivesImmigration RecordsHistorical MapsGeographical Dictionary Polish KingdomHistorical NewspapersFamily History Library