Kolik Family

This project contains public stories and information about the Kolik family (sometimes spelled Kulik or Kulick), including  Abraham and Hasiah Kolik and their children, Fannie, Sarah, Betty, Hannah, Boris and Nochim, all from Yurevichi when it was part of Imperial Russia.

The Kolik family website was created to capture and preserve stories about the family. It is written for the benefit of the fourth-generation Kolik descendants to give them a personal perspective on historical events such as the Russian Revolution and World Wars I and II.  Registration and approval is required for access to the private Kolik family site.

Kolik Family Index

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КуликАвраам1875 - 1930382
КуликБетя Аврамовна1917 - 1983366
КуликБорис - 367
КуликНохим - 368
КуликСара Аврамовна17 APRIL 1899 - 1988369
КуликФейга Аврамовна25 DECEMBER 1896 - 26 OCT 1987370
КуликХана Аврамовна20 JAN 1910 - 1983371
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Other Names
Авраам Кулик
Abraham Kolik
Abraham Kolick
Abraham Kulik
Хася ШварцHasia Schwartz
Hasia Kolik / Kulik
Бетя Аврамовна Кулик
Бетя Аврамовна Камышан
Betya Kolik
Betya Kulik / Kulick
Betya Kamishan
Сара Аврамовна Кулик
Sarah Suchman
Sarah Kolik
Sarah Kulik / Kulick
Фейга Аврамовна Кулик
Fannie Kulick
Fannie Hofstein
Feige Kolik
Feige Kulik / Kulick
Fannie, Fanya, Fanny
Хана Аврамовна КуликHana Kolik
Нохим КуликNochim Kolik
Nochim Kulik / Kulick
Борис КуликBoris Kolik
Boris Kulik / Kulick