Atlas Family

The Atlas family from Kalinkavicy, Belarus, came to America in 1904 and assisted Feige Kolik in her immigration in 1914.  Yossel (later Joseph) Atlas emigrated first in 1904.  His wife Basia (later Bessie) Schwartz arrived with their children in 1907.

Joseph Atlas was a milliner specializing in women’s hats and may have had a store at 1562 Madison Avenue, New York.  The Atlas family moved to Morningside Heights on West 113 and 115 streets in the 1920s.  By 1935, they lived in Connecticut.

Basia (sometimes Bassie and later Bessie) Schwartz was a daughter of Itzok Yankiv Schwartz.  She helped her niece Feige (later Fannie) Kolik immigrate to America in 1914.  She probably had a hand in introducing her niece to Mayer Hofstein.  Mayer lived within a few blocks of the Atlas family and may have first worked in the hat business when he arrived in America a few months before Fannie.

Atlas Family Members

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AtlasChanaAPRIL 1906 - 1003
AtlasElie1901 - 19071004
AtlasEsther1911 - 1005
AtlasFeige1897 - 1006
AtlasNathanOCT 1914 - 1007
AtlasSura1903 - 1008
AtlasYossel1874 - 1009
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